Plazacore From Eloise Is Breaking the Internet

One of the fastest-growing industries in the world is fashion and for quite some time now, TikTok has become the new red carpet for people to take the latest fashion advice and pick trendy looks from. Influencers are now setting trends and people are following them like crazy. The newest fashion look that people are falling in love with is Plazacore. In fact, this look has come right out of the children’s book Eloise. The story is about the main character named Eloise who lives in New York in the very famous Plaza Hotel.

Plazacore – What’s it About?

For the people who are unfamiliar with the Plazacore, just picture colorful hair bows, tweed outfits, pleated skirts, statement collars, pearls, and embellishments. This and a lot more from the Upper East Side together is what Plazacore is about. One example of this type of dressing is the character Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, who became famous for her headbands and her coordinated outfits.

Influencers Are Going Out of Their Way

The internet has really stepped up when it comes to influencing people and recreating stories. In order to make sure that the audience gets a feel for the story of Eloise, TikTok influencers such as @thesandraduran and @prettylittlefawn are making videos and creating content at the Plaza hotel, instead of just using a green screen.

Word Is Spreading

Well, if you think TikTok is the only place where the craze of Plazacore is, then you are definitely wrong. It’s not just influencers and social media celebrities who are posting videos dressed up in beautiful tweed skirts. You can see many celebrities and fashion brands, both luxury and everyday, showing off clothes that seem right out of Waldorf’s closet. This style is definitely not leaving the market anytime soon. So, dig into your mom’s closet and take out those hidden gems from the ’90s and accessories them with some of her most valued pearls.