Stuart Weitzman Is Launching Handbags—And They’re Perfect

It is true that you can never have too many handbags, and it seems Stuart Weitzman, the American high-end shoe designer, knows it too. The holiday season may come and go, but party season stays forever, and finding the right clutch or bag for your outfit of the night is definitely a big task. Thankfully, Stuart Weitzman’s new handbag line has it all.

Why Handbags

Weitzman is known for his high-end shoe designs and has been a go-to choice for a lot of celebrities, be it for award functions or parties. He has also designed shoes for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, so why this sudden shift to handbags? Well, according to Edmundo Castillo, the brand’s head of design, over the years, they have received thousands of requests from their customers to get handbags to carry that would complement their shoe designs. And that thought never left Catillo’s mind. Edmundo also added that after being known for dress shoes for so long, it only seems like a natural transition for Weitzman to enter the handbag market.

The New Line

It may be something new for the brand, but one thing is going to remain the same, and that is the fashion and comfort code of the brand. According to Edmundo, their goal is to make the handbag designs as iconic and stunning as their shoe range has been over the years. Every Stuart Weitzman handbag is created to be incredibly unique but, at the same time, something that can be paired easily with the rest of your wardrobe. The new line includes some stunning designs like the Loveletter clutch, the VIP clutch, and the Moda Shine Mini Tote. And you can grab these gorgeous pieces at The designs are the best examples of minimalist but glamorous bags. With their new handbag line, Castillo wants the women out there to feel confident and, most importantly, like themselves, just like their brand ambassador, Kim Kardashian.